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My name is Alex Gonzalez

I began my career in Banking & Finance in 1982, and I quickly learned that sincerity and clear communication is the foundation for a successful business enterprise. My focus with my clientele’ is to understand your goals, financial condition, comfort level, and to then communicate the best options first fully clearly. Many hours of continuing education are taken to ensure you receive innovative financial counsel as regards the current economy and reaching your goals. My experience and relationships within the Real Estate, Financial Planning, Accounting & lending community allow me to help you completely understand the process. You will move into your home with peace of mind, knowing we worked together to achieve your goals. I look forward to assisting you.

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Office:  (925)453-2410 x410

Mobile: (925)984-6325

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Alex Gonzalez Owner, Loan Agent with Vintage Home Loans in Pleasanton California
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